Ionia- Behavioral Insights
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Psychological Value & Influence

There is nothing permanent except change
- Heraclitus -

In the midst of a fabulous array of historically unprecedented and utterly mind boggling consumer stimuli, knowledge and technology…whatever

Psychological value in business is enjoying its rightful attention in modern industry and it should. At Ionia, we know that the power of reframing things cannot be overstated; how you frame things really matters to your employees and to your consumers. Of course, we see an imbalance, an asymmetry, in the way we treat psychologically-driven ideas versus the way we treat rational, numerical, spreadsheet-driven ideas. Our work ultimately desires to focus upon the established and unique value of psychologically-driven ideas. 


Companies should spend far less time looking into nebulous hidden depths and spend much more time exploring the hidden shallows of their inner cultures and consumers. After all, the secret to high performance and consumer influence isn't rewards and punishments, but an unseen intrinsic drive-- the drive to do things for their own sake. 

The drive to do things because they matter.

Ionia's techniques get our clients past a lazy, dangerous, ideology of carrots and sticks, so we can strengthen businesses, solve a lot of problems, and change things with behaviorally informed approaches known to tackle the most significant of business challenges. 

Our design process optimizes for human motivation, persuasion, influence, perception, nudges, and gamification embedded in systems, as opposed to a focus on pure efficiency.