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What We Do

What We Do

 care delivery optimization // digital care design //  digital care transformation

We support strategic, operational, and innovative delivery initiatives built with user-centered behavioral science methods & lean management approaches. To do this, we incorporate care delivery consulting with digital design and development.

Ultimately, we help you create enduring relationships with patients. 


Feature 1

At IONIA, we consult with organizations to address strategic, operational, and innovative delivery initiatives guided by lean management approaches & user-centered behavioral science methods ensuring high safety, quality, operational, and experience standards

Digital Care Design

Feature 2

Real, effective digital medicine is here; IONIA designs tools with providers & patients in mind. Focusing our design on human emotion and integration, we partner with organizations building digital #voicefirst interventions for optimal design applications into care models far beyond the EMR

Digital Care Transformation

Feature 3

Care continuums in our digital age are changing; we collaborate with organizations initiating digital care transformations from ideation to market strategy. Our deep network of experts are the best in the field

We collaboratively design & orchestrate programs using behavioral science and Lean management methods to improve care delivery 

  • Consult with organizations creating deep engagement between provider, patient, and staff to improve outcomes
  • Improve the efficiency, adoption, and implementation of safety, quality, remote care, and patient satisfaction protocols
  • Design initiatives with organizations to reduce readmissions, reduce gaps in care, optimize patient engagement & learning
  • Investigate and produce accurate market breakthrough assessments improving market growth, tech readiness, & penetration

Digital Care Design

We design interventional tools partnering with organizations & experts to make healthcare better

  • Partner with technology & healthcare delivery firms to optimize their interventions with behavioral science tools
  • Align with technology & healthcare organizations to collaboratively build digital care interventions with a focus on #voicefirst
  • Orchestrate product development & management to make digital care intervention development a reality

Digital Care Transformation

We collaborate with organizations to develop transformative digital care models in a successful, step-wise process  

  • From ideation to market strategy, we guide organizations into the future of digital care as expert, accessible partners
  • In a labyrinth of market choices & digital strategy, our tools & experts design the best digital care strategy in your market
  • We bring the best vendors, tools, digital platforms, and secure resources to our planning ensuring safety, quality, and success

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