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IONIA's references and commendations

"As a Harvard Medical School graduate, I’ve come across no shortage of talented, ambitious, and provocative thinkers. Dr. Cybulsky features prominently among them. Dr. Cybulsky moves mountains with his grit and inventiveness. You’ll either cheerfully collaborate with him or watch from the sidelines as he revolutionizes healthcare. Dr. Cybulsky is a thought leader who has my highest recommendation" - Guido Guidotti, MD  Physician Executive Management Consultant
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"It’s been a pleasure collaborating closely with Dr. Cybulsky over the years. His expertise in behavioral economics and human dynamics have been useful in improving our execution of key strategy, and operational initiatives. I have found over the years, that sometimes my strategy might be right, our team's implementation well thought out but the results were not optimal. With Matt's help, we are critically thinking about our execution methods using his expertise in human behavior, enhancing the speed with which we maximize our results. Some of the initiatives he has worked on include: patient engagement; EMR optimization; gaps in care reduction; patient portal enrollment; employee wellness engagement and culture of safety reinforcement. As we focus in the future on value, outcomes, and care satisfaction, Matt’s combined expertise is bound to continue offering invaluable insights time and time again" -Kim Hollon, FACHE  CEO, Signature Healthcare   Boston, Mass

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"Associating with Dr. Cybulsky and IONIA is exceptional; his expertise with human dynamics and experience in healthcare finance & operations make him a worthwhile partner. Not to mention, his behavioral approaches to accomplish organizational wide goals are pioneering. As value and quality outcomes take precedence over volumes, Matt’s expertise is essential for success"  - Bill Masterton, CEO Of University Medical Center New Orleans with 24 years of progressive healthcare experience
"IONIA was an instrumental guide for us while developing growth strategies at South Baldwin Regional Medical Center; with their help and insights, we made considerable progress with our municipal relationships and parent company. I’d recommend IONIA LLC for their unique psychological insights into complex business strategy and solutions; we’ll certainly be calling on them again" - Keith Newton, CEO of South Baldwin Regional Medical Center and dynamic economic development leader