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Getting Ahead...

Getting Ahead…

This last week, I had the pleasure of attending an ACHE conference in New York regarding behavioral dynamics in the healthcare workplace. Interestingly, a CEO of a successful Catholic not-for-profit was speaking to us about using behavioral profiles to optimize the culture and interactions of leaders and staff (the same CEO was combining these tools with Lean principles of management, sounds familiar, doesn’t it?).

During a particularly interesting exchange, he recounted a conversation had with a nun regarding a difficult negotiation. The CEO wanted to use some rather forceful tactics to convince a competitor to agree to his plans; when he informed the nun of this, she had some very wise words, “It’s better to connect with others than to get ahead of them”.

Such a simple phrase carries very heavy implications. When it comes to improvement, successfully treating a patient, or achieving any important and worthwhile feat, the best way to succeed requires a sincere engagement with another. Understanding human behavior, group dynamics, and connecting with others’ emotions is the best way to lead or achieve, especially in healthcare. 

It’s better to connect with others than to get ahead of them
— Sister Laura, Holy Family Memorial
Matthew Cybulsky