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Focus on patient engagement first, tangible benefits will follow...

A focus on patient engagement strategies drive patient benefits and value for all

For patients and providers alike, benefits and value are attained through tailored, ongoing, patient-centric operations and initiatives. Otherwise, what else are you serving to the patient and the public?  Stronger patient relationships and improved brand equity are the outcomes of successful patient-consumer focus and improves relationships, reduces length of stay & readmissions, and optimizes satisfaction from providers, patients, and staff. Consider the following:

Healthcare organizations realize tangible benefits with a focus on patient engagement

Aligning organizational focus to the patient across the spectrum of care through patient experience and digital optimization not only contributes to greater health outcomes for patients, but strongly benefits the healthcare organization’s bottom line. For example, improved health outcomes and patient experiences through patient engagement and digital optimizations positively impact HCAHPS scores, putting less revenue at risk from CMS penalties.

When patients are the primary organizational focus, loyalty to the healthcare provider is strengthened, patients report a better experience compared to other providers including clinical outcomes, seek future services within the same healthcare organization, and are less likely to default on their medical debt. This, in turn, leads to higher profitability and strengthened brand equity within a market. When investigating issues related to operations, revenue management, or clinical quality benchmarks, a primary focus on the patient experience is likely to uncover needs and opportunities that, when addressed, lead to a triple benefit between patient, provider, and community.

Bottom line

Patients prefer engaging with patient-focused organizations. Beginning the patient and digital optimization journey requires focusing on patient engagement and value instead of strictly volume, understanding patient-consumer preferences, adopting the right psychological methodology for change, and enabling patient engagement initiatives across the organization to drive operational benefit and value. Patient engagement and value realizes the benefits of preemption while avoiding costly inaction in the face of great industry change throughout the healthcare delivery marketplace. 

Multiple healthcare organizations have heard the news loud and clear; with IONIA, they have begun a journey to deeply engage patients by shifting organizational focus to their patients first. 


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