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Develop a patient engagement strategy; commit & deliver...

Successfully engaging with patients requires an organization-wide patient-focused mindset to positively impact patients. Organizational leaders influencing a patient-consumer’s experience must understand what drives consumer loyalty, brand perspective, and transform the organization to deliver experiences which optimize patient-consumer satisfaction. Without a substantive strategy spread amongst departments, clinics, medical staff and employees, organizations fail to meet patient needs.

Developing a focused strategy requires an understanding of consumer desires

Convenience, transparency & security, individualization, and quality are an expectation in today's current healthcare climate. As a result, investigating and understanding patient-consumer desire is critical for successful healthcare delivery. To meet patient-consumer's clinical needs, while providing care with a directed focus on the experience, elevates and exceeds care standards; the provider-patient relationship produces improved health outcomes, loyalty, and positive brand influence with the right tools. 

Several themes influence a patient-consumer experience: 

  • Individualization - consumer research suggests specific information for individual needs enables direct and individualized interaction
  • Uniformity - streamlined experiences eliminates barriers to efficient care and increases positive experiences
  • Proficiency - optimizing organizational structure to better address patient needs and preferences is a continuous undertaking, but formulas exist for success
  • Transparency & Security  - patient-consumers want an experience that matches perceptions; quality, and service offerings support this goal. Additionally, securing health information and transmissions are essential guarantees which ought to be made explicit to all patient-consumers

A patient engagement journey to establish programs ushering cultural and infrastructure changes appropriately places the patient-consumer at system center. Identifying strategic capabilities leading to highly-engaged and loyal patient-consumers requires a meaningful and vivid leadership vision. Developing the right vision for a patient-consumer community starts at the top with a shared leadership culture focused on patient centered experience strategies; it's the only way to deliver superior patient care.  

Patient-Consumer experience strategy methods

Patient-consumer experience strategies guide organizations to appropriately focus on the patient-consumer experience. With proper vision and execution, hospitals, clinics, and other providers deliver superior care and experiences to communities they serve. In order to succeed with an experience strategy uniquely positioned towards the patient-consumer, providers, operational processes and technology must shape the patient-consumer experience with specific tech innovations and strategic initiatives: 

  • Uncover Needs –aligning goals while engaging with patient-consumers and medical staff by observing behaviors, needs, challenges and weaknesses; comprehensively understand opportunities
  • Specify Directions – synthesize observations and data to form insights defining the expertise and capabilities needed for positive patient-consumer experiences
  • Distill Solutions – involve patient-consumers and medical staff to develop experience features tested with actual patient-consumers seeking care;  a process which identifies countermeasures and policies necessary to support sustainable engagement strategies
  • Deliver Initiatives – prioritize initiatives and implementations with a clear focus upon the patient-consumer experience 
  • Deliver Outcomes – proven initiatives must be tested and iterated in order to successfully imprint experience strategies positively influencing operational and financial performance measures for years to come

The outcomes of this strategy creates positive patient experiences, enhanced loyalty, and optimized provider-patient engagement leading to lasting impressions and excellent care outcomes.

At IONIA, we can help you address the current desires, needs, and expectations of the patient-consumer you serve. Our team of experienced marketers, MDs, and psychologists can transform your delivery models in meaningful and transformative ways

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