Ionia- Behavioral Insights
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Ionia’s techniques move past the lazy, dangerous, ideology of carrots and sticks to strengthen businesses, solve a lot of problems, and transform care delivery


Matt Cybulsky MA, MBA, MSHA, PhD is chief project manager & consultant of IONIA.  He arms organizational teams with immersive support addressing strategic, operational, and innovative delivery initiatives buttressed by user-centered behavioral science methods and lean management strategies. 

Matt has deep experience across the healthcare continuum having led multiple improvement programs focused on the human dynamics to build transformative delivery models strengthening outcomes. As a behavioral scientist, he offers unique expertise for many organizations focusing efforts on impacting technology & healthcare delivery.

Additionally, he’s involved deeply in the VoiceFirst technology sector as advisor, consultant, and thought leader co-hosting The Voice Of Healthcare podcast and Voice of Healthcare Summit

He is adjunct faculty at Regis University, Rochester Institute of Technology, Chatham University and regularly speaks at conferences & healthcare organizations regarding the nexus of human behavior, tech & healthcare. 

When he's not immersed in his craft, you can find him honing his culinary talents in the kitchen to share a meal like Hume, sowing seeds in his garden like Abdalonymus, or seeking adventure like Bourdain